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Image: The Lute Player, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, 1571 - 1610.

On these pages you will find songs that have been around for years and years. They continue to remain in repertoire because they possess wonderful melodies, infectious rhythms and lyrics which touch our souls in so many different ways. In addition, these songs have remained close to our hearts because they provide a treasury of superb material with which to develop the art of singing for beginning and advanced students, as well as their teachers, coaches and instructors. These songs have proven themselves to be a wonderful source of entertaining material for use in recitals, concerts, auditions and programs of all sorts. In point of fact, these pieces of music represent a part of my own library of material used to teach singing students over the past 30 years.

One of the biggest challenges facing singing students and teachers alike is choosing repertoire that is both suitable to the technique level of the student and is enjoyable for the performer. At the same time, individual tastes are such that what one student will relate to does not appeal to another. Further, advances in technology have offered students a wealth of devices with which they could enhance their performances--provided suitable digital accompaniments were available.

We're creating this library of music to help you meet these challenges.

All of the songs in this catalogue come with the opportunity to listen to a short recorded sample prior to purchase. All come with notes about the source and background of the song as well as the composer, the technical level of the piece, it’s historical period and so on. We've designed our filter interface to help you quickly and easily find the music you need, and our convenient payment options put your selections into your hands immediately.

When you download one of our songs, you will receive a zip file that contains a welcome letter from CraneTrax, one complete track that contains the entire piece with the melody included and one complete track that contains the entire piece with the melody left out. Having two versions of the song gives you the opportunity to practice by singing along with a melody until you learn the piece. When you're ready, you can switch to singing against just the accompaniment so you're ready to perform in public.

Our library is growing every day. If you can't find the specific piece of music you're looking for, send us a note. We'll let you know how quickly we can get your request into our catalogue and will send you an e-mail when it becomes available.

Thank you for shopping at CraneTrax Music.