Customizing Your CraneTrax

The accompaniments you purchase from this website are ready for use immediately upon download. Each accompaniment is arranged and scored in the original key and original tempo that the composer intended. Sometimes, however, you need a piece of music transposed into a different key or played back at a different tempo. Since we maintain digital versions of our entire catalog, we can easily make minor changes like this for a nominal fee.

But maybe you think bigger! Maybe, you love a piece of music, but want to really make it your own. Through consultation, we can support your ideas by changing your accompaniment's instrumentation, or really getting creative and rearranging your music altogether!

Lastly, for true innovators, we can build complete arrangements around your original melodies, or help you out with musical direction.

There's very little we can't do to help you amaze your audience with a truly polished performance.

Contact us today and get set for adventure!

Rate Sheet as of August 2013

Type of WorkRate
Any public domain song not in our catalogue$9.99
Transposition or tempo change$4.99
Rearrangement, instrumentation changesCall for a quote
Arranging an original scoreCall for a quote
Music direction consultationCall for a quote