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My name is Taylor Abrahamse. I'm a singer/songwriter, voice actor and entrepreneur. These tracks were integral to my success thus far in all of these fields. The abundance of music allowed for a great specificity in choosing pieces that were challenging and fun. I also developed a deeper understanding of songwriting and music theory through using these recordings and actually had the sense that I had musicians playing with me, making the accompaniments very practical. I was a Top 40 finalist on CTV's Canadian Idol, have been a lead voice actor in three different cartoon series and performed in a major Toronto musical at the Elgin Theater. Without a doubt these tracks directly contributed to those successes. Thanks a ton, Bill!!

--Taylor Abrahamse, Singer/Songwriter

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CraneTrax have been extremely useful to us in preparing material for our shows. Clear lead lines and tasteful accompaniment make learning new song material effortless. Since all our performance material for a show must be memorized, it really helps to have a reliable accompaniment to work with.

--Jeanette Sanderson, The Lemmon Sisters

CraneTrax' artistic director, Bill Crane, is well known to me. For approximately 40 years I have worked closely with him. He was a chorister and soloist in my church choir; an "on stage" performer in musicals for which I was music director. I have been an accompanist for choirs and choruses that he has directed and I have directed musicals for which CraneTrax accompaniments have been used. At our city's theatre guild, we used one for a Gilbert and Sullivan production of "Ruddigore" and in our church a musical comedy fund-raiser entitled "The Parson's Predicament". Bill Crane is a first-rate teacher of both adults and children, and coupled with his musicianship, brings all of these talents to his very innovative CraneTrax CDs, both for performance and rehearsal purposes. For anyone wanting to produce a musical, you can relax about having a solid, musical accompaniment with CraneTrax!

--Diana McLeod, Music Director (Retired), Trinity United Church, Peterborough, Ontario

Bill Crane and I have worked together on a number of musicals, in particular Jerry Herman’s “Jerry’s Girls” (Showplace Peterborough) and “La Cage aux Folles” (Peterborough Theatre Guild) and Gilbert and Sullivan’s “the Mikado” (Peterborough Theatre Guild). As musical director, he was charged with the responsibility of putting together the music for show; principals, chorus and orchestra. Using computer technology, Bill took the musical score and automated it so that using multiple keyboards we were able to create a full body, orchestral sound to enhance the musical interpretation of the production. He was also able to adapt the score to any variations that I wanted as Director and Stager, as well as accommodating any special needs of our principal performers. Hours were spent on putting the instrumentation together to give the show the sound, that I wanted to have for the production. Bill was a joy to work with and the end result was more than I could have expected – a customized orchestration that met our needs. I would certainly recommend this technology and of course Bill’s skill and expertise at creating a most memorable musical journey for your audiences.

--Len Lifchus, CEO, United Way of Burlington & Greater Hamilton, Past Director, Peterborough Theatre Guild

I have directed musical and theatrical productions at the Peterborough Theatre Guild for 30 years, and had the pleasure of working with Bill Crane for much of that time. With our production of Gilbert & Sullivan's "Ruddigore" in 1988, he introduced us to a new way of delivering musical accompaniments for both rehearsals and live performances. These new "CraneTrax" lifted a burden from myself and the cast that I wasn't aware existed, and added a level of convenience I'd never seen before. I enjoyed the "Ruddigore" experience so much,that Bill was asked to come back and do it again for another show! When I directed dramatic productions of "Cinderella" and "The Chalk Garden", I asked Bill if he could provide incidental music. He delivered with his usual excellence. If you're looking to stage a musical or theatrical production for your theatre, you need to talk to Bill.

--Gillian Wilson, Director, Peterborough Theatre Guild, Peterborough, Ontario

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